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For any inquiry regarding investment policies and project opportunities in Binzhou:

Binzhou Business Development Bureau, Foreign Investment Centre

Tel: +86-543-3162750

Email: zgbzzsj@163.com


For any inquiry regarding foreign investments and trading in Binzhou including import, export and outsourcing:

Binzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Tel: +86-543-3365049

Email: bzswj2011@163.com


For any inquiry regarding diplomacy and foreign affairs in Binzhou, including collaboration with Hong Kong and Macau:

Binzhou Foreign Affair Office

Tel: +86-543-3162167

Email: wqb_zhang@163.com


For any inquiry regarding enabling international trading in Binzhou including exhibitions hosting, IP rights, legal counseling and commercial arbitration:

CCPIT Binzhou Subsidiary

Tel: 86-543-3162085

Email: bz2883@126.com